Poll Watcher & Poll Greeter Sign up

The Collin County Democratic Party is looking to recruit volunteers for poll watcher and poll greeter for the 2024 General Election. Please complete this form if you are interested in helping out.

Early voting starts October 21 and Election Day is November 5.

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What Job Are You Looking For?

We have a need for poll watchers and poll greeters (unpaid volunteer positions) that we need to staff. What are you interested in doing? Note that Early Voting for the November general election runs from Monday, October 21, thru Friday, November 1. Election Day is Tuesday, November 5.

Poll Watcher
A Poll Watcher is an unpaid person appointed to observe the conduct of a polling place, the ballot board, or the post-election canvass on behalf of the Collin County Democratic Party or one of our candidates to ensure that every single voter is given the opportunity to vote. Qualifications: You must be a registered voter within Collin County.

Poll Watchers will need to complete the Texas Secretary of State's Online Poll Watcher Training, more information can be found here as well as Texas Democratic Party training.

Poll Watchers may set their own hours based on the rules set forth in the Texas Secretary of State Poll Watcher’s Guide found here.
Poll Greeter
A Poll Greeter is an unpaid volunteer who greets every voter arriving at a polling location, to encourage voters entering the polls to vote for Democrats and to hand a slate card to those open to doing so, and then asking them to vote for every Democrat so that voters know who all our down ballot Democrats are. Poll Greeters remain outside of the polling place. Poll Greeters can also help our poll watching efforts by asking voters leaving the polls about their experience voting and identifying possible problems in the polls based on those conversations.
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How often do you want to work? Please describe which days / dates you are available and which times of day, if not full time during all of early voting.
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