Help Elect More Democrats & Create Real Change in your Community

Do you want to have fun and help change your community for the better by helping us connect, inform, and mobilize the Democrats in your neighborhood?

Become a Precinct Chair or join your Precinct Team!

Precinct Chairs are the friendly faces for their local voters that helps them connect with other Democrats and the local Party. Precinct Chairs regularly touch base with voters year-round through canvassing (knocking on doors) and other means to keep them informed on issues, events, clubs, elections, and candidates.

It's a fun and rewarding way to get to know your neighbors better, connect with fellow Democrats, and help us change things for the better here in Collin County.

If you would like to learn more about the mission, this great video from the National Democratic Training Committee has a lot of good information.

Additional Details on Precinct Chairs & How You Can Help Elect Democrats

I want to help my precinct, but NOT as a Precinct Chair

If you want to help canvass and engage your precinct but already have a Precinct Chair, or for some reason can't serve officially as a Precinct Chair, we'd love to have you as a part of your Precinct Team.

Typically, this means you carve out a piece of the precinct to care for and contact in collaboration with your Precinct Chair.

Contact Your Precinct Chair Now

Still not sure where you fit in? Connect with our Precinct Chair Operations Committee. 

Send an email to One of our committee members will connect with you and answer any of your questions to ensure the perfect fit.