How Can I Make a Difference in My City?

Local Boards and Commissions

Local Boards and Commissions

Many cities and towns in Collin County are in the process of filling positions on local boards and commissions. Some of these positions require special training but many are filled by local residents like you. Yes, YOU!

Applying for these boards and commissions is as easy as filling out a form and submitting it to the city for consideration. The requirements are simple. For most cities, applicants must comply with the following:

  • Be residents of the City for at least 12-consecutive months prior to appointment to a board or commission
  • Have a current and valid voter registration
  • Adhere to the city’s Code of Conduct
  • Applicants for final decision-making boards cannot have financial interest in a contract with the City
  • Attend at least 75% of regular meetings.

Twenty boards in the City of McKinney are considering applications for the upcoming two-year terms. McKinney residents have until July 30, 2019 to apply for positions on these boards. For a list of boards seeking new members and an application, go to

Frisco residents can apply for board and commission positions online at For complete details about the available positions, look for the links for each board and a list of the upcoming vacancies. The deadline to apply is July 31, 2019.

Town of Prosper has board positions open for a variety of commissions. What better way to make your hometown what you want it to be than to serve on one of the commissions and be a guiding force. But, don’t wait. August 2, 2019 is the deadline for applying. For details and an application, go to the Town of Prosper web page.

In the City of Allen, board and commission appointments are generally two years, although a few are three years long. Allen is considering applications for 34 positions covering six boards/commissions.The deadline for submitting your application is August 7, 2019. Application forms and additional details are available here:

City of Plano has 18 boards, commissions or committees which require one or more local members. For a complete list of boards and to learn more, go to Boards & Commissions Overview 2019 for details and an application form. Deadline is August 23, 2019.

The City of Murphy selects new members of the boards and commissions in the fall. The city council has not set a deadline for application but will do so in an upcoming meeting. Murphy residents should watch the official city website for updates, a list of commissions and boards, and descriptions of each one. The rapidly growing area of Collin County could well become the next Allen or Frisco. Let’s stay ahead of the growth and make our presence known. Visit for updates.

Only a small portion of Richardson is in Collin County, but that doesn’t limit the importance of residents of this area from serving on the boards. City of Richardson accepts applications throughout the year for upcoming positions. Check out their Commisions & Boards web page at for more details on the various boards as well as a link to the application.

The City of Wylie posts openings for boards and commissions in the spring and accepts applications in May and June. For a list of boards, duties and general information, go to the City of Wylie website and check out the Boards & Commissions Qualifications.

If your city or town is not on this list, you can do your own search by listing your city name for the official city or town website. The perfect time to become a force where you live is right now!