Register Collin Volunteers

Register Collin Block Walkers 

What a dedicated team of volunteers - meeting up on Saturdays & Sundays to knock on doors! 
Register Collin Volunteers

Close Up

What a friendly bunch.

The Frisco Take-over

Partnered up and heading out to the field. 

Thursday Lit Pack

Getting all the lit ready for our week-end block walkers. 

Another Lit Pack Thursday

On Thursdays - re-load all the clip boards so our block walkers have everything they need to register new voters.
Lit Pack Thursday

Time to Knock the Doors

Check out those smiles! We knocked all the doors and registered all the voters.
Partnering with SAAVETX

Volunteer Swag

We LOVE our Volunteers & want to swag them up a bit! 
Volunteer Kit

More volunteers - more doors!

Special shout out to SAAVETX - registering voters in Frisco
Time to knock the doors

Ready to Roll!

Time to knock the doors!

McKinney - Here we com!

The ROCK STARS show up on Saturday & Sunday!
Ready to Rock / Knock

Partnering up 

Block walking is more fun with a partner!