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Volunteer Roles

Block Walk Volunteers  (sign up)

Newbie & Veteran block walkers welcome!! Sign up for a shift!

There’s very little pre-prep to do. Here’s a quick outline of what the volunteer shift will look like.

Shift Tick Tock (in this example - shift is 9:30-Noon)

Arrival 9:20

Arrive @ meeting place, meet your Team Captain


15-20 min


Team Captain starts Volunteer orientation. 

  • Introductions 
  • Check-in 
  • Verify  phone numbers. 
  • Show training video
  • Pass out Volunteer Packs, get area assignments
  • Role play
  • Pair up newbies w/ veterans (match non-dvr’s are w/ dvrs)

Knock on doors

2 hrs


  • Drive to your assigned area
  • The goal is to hit 50 doors per volunteer in 2 hours - don’t sweat it if you don’t get to that many, or if you go over


Captain returns to designated meet up location

Wrap up 

10 min

Noon - 12:10

  • Return to meeting place - turn in green forms & return extra materials
  • Provide feedback to Captain - How did it go? 
  • Did you have any awesome conversations?” 
  • Sign up for another shift 
  • Thanks for Registering Collin!

    Team Captain  (sign-up)

    Captains - you’re the face of the party & the project for many of these volunteers. Please make everyone feel welcome and valued. Make sure all the questions are answered and everyone feels confident & comfortable with the process. You will be training up to 15 volunteers per shift. 

    Things the Coordinated Campaign will provide

    • Captain Pack(s) (volunteer materials for 15 volunteers)
    • List of Volunteers & Meeting Place
    • Volunteer H20 & Snacks
    • Swag for Volunteers - lanyards, t-shirts, battery packs

    Be sure to re-shift everyone before they leave. This will help us keep volunteer shifts full, and help us reach our 60,000 new voters goal.

    1st Shift Tick Tock (9:15-Noon example shift)


    Captain picks up materials & list of volunteers at the CCDP office

    Day of Event



    Captain arrives at designated meet-up location


    Captain starts Volunteer orientation. 

    • Introduce yourself & ask everyone to introduce themselves. 
    • Circulate the volunteer list & have people check off their names 
    • Verify phone numbers. 
    • Show training video
    • Pass out Volunteer Packs 
    • Role play
    • Pair up newbies w/ veterans (match non-dvr’s w/ dvrs)


    • Send everyone out to the field
    • Post photos on CCDP Instagram Acct w/ hashtags #RegisterCollin #RegisterPlano #RegisterAllen, etc.
    • Go knock some doors & register some Democrats


    Captain returns to designated meet up location


    • Volunteers return and turn in green forms. 
    • Area captain gathers feedback. 
    • “How did it go? 
    • Did you have any awesome conversations?” 
    • Area captain re-schedules the volunteers for another shift. 
    • Thanks everyone for their help

    Before Monday at 6pm

    Captain drops off Green Forms to CCDP Office or gives them to the next shift captain (Office will gather green forms for both Sat & Sun and get them to Collin Elections.)

    Other Register Collin Roles

    Phone Bankers (Sign-Up)

    This is such an important job. We want to make sure every block walker and team captain shift is filled for the upcoming week-end. Once the shifts are full - verify that the volunteers signed up can be there. Phone bankers  will call people who told CCDP they wanted to volunteer and schedule them into available shifts. Our volunteer coordinator will provide the phone bank lists and scripts. These calls can be done at home, or at the office once it’s open.

     Phone bankers will go through the list and call our friendly volunteers and ask them to sign up for a shift, sign them up and let them know what to bring. 

    Data Entry and Validation (Sign-Up)

    Before we turn in the green forms - we want to double-check that all the information entered in our online form matches what is on the green forms. We want to validate our data while we have the opportunity. 

    This is a quick double-check that the handwriting on the green forms is legible and clear, as well as making sure the data entered in our online form matches the green form. 

    Courier (Sign-Up)

    The idea is to have 4,000 or more green forms to turn in to the Collin Elections office. On a weekly basis - we will need a volunteer courier (who must be a VDR) to pick up the green forms from the CCDP office and take them to the Collin Elections Office in McKinney. Once at the Elections Office, we will need the courier to pick up fresh, new green and white forms and bring them back to the CCDP office.