Feature Editorial


By Barb Walters, Vice Chair, CCDP.

Collin County Democrats turned out in record numbers in November 2018; and although we didn’t turn the county blue, we had some significant wins: Colin Allred is now our Democratic Congressman in CD23; and eight of the thirteen Justices on the 5th District Court of Appeals are Democrats!

We registered more voters than even before – earning the County a mention on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show. We had qualified candidates in every race for the first time in over 25 years. For the candidates who lost, the margins were closer than ever, with a gain of 40% or more of the votes in most races.

We have more blue precincts and many more that are “purple” as Democratic voters turn out in greater numbers.

We have more Democratic Precinct Chairs than ever before (126, more than the Republicans!), raised more money to support campaign efforts, knocked on more doors and reached more voters, had a 300% increase in absentee ballots submitted, and sponsored more political events. And, people in the county, the state and the nation took notice of the political activity.


What does this mean for the future of Democrats in Collin County? Our base vote has grown to over 40% while the Republican vote is steadily dropping from the 60% we’ve seen year-after-year. This shows that races in Collin are winnable. We need to continue our momentum and our organizing, and not wait until the next Primary.

There are many great candidates running in the municipal races scheduled for May 4. We need to show our support and get out to vote for them.

The 86th Texas Legislature is now in session. There are more women in the State House now and 12 Democrats were able to flip seats. What happens in the legislature affects our quality of life. Legislation that passes or fails will impact us in many ways, such as our access to the kind of education and healthcare we want for our families.


Here are actions you can take immediately to make a difference and realize our dream to become a blue county.

  • Work to get candidates elected to our City Councils and School Boards. We need to ensure our voices are heard and our priorities are met. Join one or more campaigns, be a Poll Greeter or Poll Watcher during the Election. Call the office 972-578-1483 for more details.

For more details on the following actions, visit the TX Lege Corner of this week’s newsletter, The Rally.

  • We need to hold Republicans accountable through our legislative activism. The Texas Democratic Party has created an outstanding Training Program for Legislative Activism.
  • Attend a Legislative Day at the Capitol. for a group that interests you (Planned Parenthood, Retired Teachers, TX Democratic Party.
  • Create your own personalized viewing of legislative content through the website MyTexasLegislatureOnline.
  • Fight against anti-abortion legislation – Contact Your Senators and Representatives. Who Represents Me? (Find out who your legislators are.)
  • You can phone or contact your senators and those on a specific Committee that will hear bills. For example, Candy Noble, our HD89 Rep. has filed HB1929 — relating to the prohibition of certain transactions between a governmental entity and an abortion provider or affiliate of the provider.