Our New Executive Director – John Shanks

Winning in Collin County requires that we ramp up our expertise and efforts. We are excited to announce that due to some very generous donors we are finally able to realize a long-held dream – hiring a full time, paid Executive Director. John Shanks comes to us with an impressive resume, detailed knowledge of the political situation in the county, and an urgent commitment to winning. 
— Mike Rawlins, County Chair

I’m so excited to join the party as your new Executive Director. There is so much to do, and no time to waste. Our next year will define our county and country’s future for decades to come. What we choose to do today will decide whether we live up to the best of our shared values or change our country forever for the worse.

Across Collin County, from the smallest local office up to our federal representatives, we see the urgent need for responsible, transparent, responsive and ethical leaders. We have extremists on the Plano City Council trying to shut down our only rape crisis center, County Commissioners playing backroom politics to shield Ken Paxton from his felony prosecution, state legislators that under fund our schools and expect credit for doing so, and Congressmen that vote in lockstep with an irresponsible President.

Extreme, out of touch, and unethical politicians that spend less time listening to us than their donors on the other side of the state is a recipe for failure. That’s what we have today, and Collin County is paying the price. Longer commutes, school budget holes, potholed roads, overpriced water deals – this is what we get with inexperienced politicians who earn office because of their ideology instead of their experience.

We are the alternative. A party of math, not a party of extremists. A big tent with a single vision – opportunity should belong to everyone, no matter your background. Experienced and respected candidates, not the latest empty suit with an Empower Texas platform. And a party driven by the people, by what you do each day.

That’s what will make the difference for us in 2020. We’re going to win by building a community for change, by showing our neighbors that there’s a better alternative, by registering voters and fighting so that every person in our county has their voice heard. We know that when Democrats vote, Democrats win – and Collin County has tens of thousands of Democrats waiting to hear from you and me. Block by block, we’re going to make our county a better place, because when we change Collin County, we’ll change Texas, and when we change Texas we’ll save our country.

Ready to work,
John Shanks
Executive Director
Collin County Democratic Party