Editorial Article

American Values and the American Dream

By Manu Lail, CCDP Chair Candidate. 

While we celebrate Independence Day, it’s important to remind ourselves that the American Dream consists of the opportunity to work hard and achieve your dreams.

My parents and sister came to this country in 1977 with less than $20 in their pockets. I would be born two years later. In those first few years, my Mom and Dad both took factory jobs after arriving in America. While working in the factory, their hard work helped support us, buy our first house, and put my Dad through college at the same time. As a result, he was able to get a professional job as a software engineer. Decades later, he had risen to be one of the top executives at Grainger, a multi-billion dollar Fortune 500 Company. Our family’s story is deeply rooted in the American Dream.

What’s interesting about listening to my parent’s generation is that you don’t hear them mention the lack of affordable healthcare or college during their time. This was the result of a non-monopolized market economy with strong union labor protecting workers rights and wages. Did they have their struggles? Yes. But, the basic demands of the household were met with the household income. Families earned enough within 40 hours per week, which left ample time to raise your children, cook nutritious meals, and save for the future.

Fast forward to today and the average American has been left struggling to earn their keep. Both parents work, mostly over 40 hours per week, and the challenges of providing for the household has increased exponentially. It’s heart wrenching to hear stories of people holding multiple jobs, not being able to spend quality time with their families, or not being able to deal with an emergency.

How do we get back to the times when an average American can achieve their dreams through hard work? We need to elect Democratic candidates who will represent the interests of hard-working Americans. But this won’t happen unless the majority comes out and votes. I have decided to run for Collin County Democratic Party Chair to energize, mobilize, and empower our base to help those in the shadows to get up and go vote!

Join our campaign. Let’s win this fight for our country, our children, and our future!