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American Values and the American Dream

By Manu Lail, CCDP Chair Candidate. 

While we celebrate Independence Day, it’s important to remind ourselves that the American Dream consists of the opportunity to work hard and achieve your dreams.

My parents and sister came to this country in 1977 with less than $20 in their pockets. I would be born two years later. In those first few years, my Mom and Dad both took factory jobs after arriving in America. While working in the factory, their hard work helped support us, buy our first house, and put my Dad through college at the same time. As a result, he was able to get a professional job as a software engineer. Decades later, he had risen to be one of the top executives at Grainger, a multi-billion dollar Fortune 500 Company. Our family’s story is deeply rooted in the American Dream.

What’s interesting about listening to my parent’s generation is that you don’t hear them mention the lack of affordable healthcare or college during their time. This was the result of a non-monopolized market economy with strong union labor protecting workers rights and wages. Did they have their struggles? Yes. But, the basic demands of the household were met with the household income. Families earned enough within 40 hours per week, which left ample time to raise your children, cook nutritious meals, and save for the future.

Fast forward to today and the average American has been left struggling to earn their keep. Both parents work, mostly over 40 hours per week, and the challenges of providing for the household has increased exponentially. It’s heart wrenching to hear stories of people holding multiple jobs, not being able to spend quality time with their families, or not being able to deal with an emergency.

How do we get back to the times when an average American can achieve their dreams through hard work? We need to elect Democratic candidates who will represent the interests of hard-working Americans. But this won’t happen unless the majority comes out and votes. I have decided to run for Collin County Democratic Party Chair to energize, mobilize, and empower our base to help those in the shadows to get up and go vote!

Join our campaign. Let’s win this fight for our country, our children, and our future!

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  1. I agree and I also want to be cautious since not all politicians who are democrats are pure either

  2. That is all well and good, but I have seen real plans and progress from our current chair. His plans have been precise and well orchestrated. I support Mike Rawlins and urge him to run again. He is a proven champion of all the things you have mentioned and he has transformed our Party from an in debt and flaccid ineffectual group to a powerful organized force. All who would take this job on will make initial mistakes, many of which will be due to the fact that they don’t understand the often hidden under currents within the active membership. You didn’t mention greed, so I don’t see you as a true progressive voice, and you championed big corporate success as something that of necessity must be admired. I have worked for big corps and even medium ones and the smaller businesses have always been the far better ones I have worked for due to their greater respect and need for their workers. Unions didn’t disappear because they were unneeded, big corps made great efforts to squash their influence. Competing grocery chains have helped their competitors to withstand union strikes by funding them until the strike collapsed, some of the big corps would offer benefits without union membership until the unions were made ineffectual and then systematically reduce benefits. I welcome your attempts to run for this office, for it will be a time to assess and truly come to admire the one who brought us all this way: Mike Rawlins. It takes more than sitting at the head of a table and spouting empty slogans to win this election, it takes experience, knowledge, and a proven track record. All these things Mike Rawlins has in abundance. I am not running for County Chair, but I will run with all the gusto and vigor and voice of reason that I can muster to get Mike to run and be elected again. I am not the only one with this opinion, many powerful forces in the county recognize and admire Mike and you will have a big job on your hands to defeat him. I happen to believe that you will not, and I am glad for this, as I am not about personal power but totally for the real progress of our local Party which Mike has helped to grow and which he now is moving to a lean efficient and more professional organization. His humility which some have ignored is a powerful force to bring new talents and more funding into this Party. Humble and efficient, open of heart, and determined and practical of mind, this is Mike Rawlins and I have supported him in the past and will stand in the pouring rain with my cane if need be to greet his many supporters at the polls, no matter what the cost to me. And, I will not be alone in the effort to support Mike Rawlins, on this, you can make a solid bet…

    David “Mitch” Sotelo

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