Editorial Article

The End of Democracy — Unless We Defend It

June 27, 2019

Mike Rawlins, County Chair

Today, in a deeply flawed ruling, the Supreme Court of the United States of America ruled that the courts have no power to rule on complaints of explicit partisan gerrymandering, despite that the justices recognized it is undesirable and has negative effects on our democracy.

At best, this five to four decision is a shirking of the responsibility vested in our highest court to “defend the foundations” of our system of government, as Justice Kagan wrote in a blistering dissent. At worst, this ruling is a fig leaf designed to provide legal cover for the blatantly undemocratic pursuit of political power.

The majority ruled that this is a political matter. Therefore my friends, it is up to us a citizens, and most importantly as voters, to fix it. We must elect Democratic majorities to the Texas House of Representatives and Texas Senate if we are to have any chance of fair representation down to the county level for the next decade and beyond. Mark my words, if we don’t the Republicans will take this ruling as a green light for open and egregious partisan gerrymandering, insuring that a minority of voters – backed by wealthy special interests – hold the reins of power. They have done it before, and they will do it next time with a vengeance.

This is an all hands on deck call to action – to defend not just our values as Democrats but also the foundational notion of one person, one vote. Everyone can do something. What are you going to do to help?

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