Editorial Article

Our Politics Are Local

Speaker of the House, Tip O’Neill, famously said over thirty years ago that all politics are local. That is especially true as voting begins for the May 4 general election. With city councils, schools boards, and Collin College Board of Trustees on the ballot, these elections are as local as we get. And you need to vote! With extreme reactionary candidates running for several of these offices it’s important for the good of our cities and schools that we elect progressive candidates to these nonpartisan offices. And, we need to build our bench for partisan offices.

Resources for Before You Vote

You’ll find links to polling places and sample ballots on our elections page. The Collin County League of Women Voters voter’s guide is probably the most comprehensive source about candidates. You can find information about many of the Democrats who are running on our Facebook Page. And, our next two weekly email newsletters will feature profiles of Democratic candidates who have chosen to submit them.

Vote Early if You Can

Early voting has already started and runs through Tuesday, April 30. The good news is that Election Day is on a Saturday, if you miss the chance to vote early. (Don’t you wish you had a day off on our even-year Election Days?).
Make voting a habit! Do your research, and be sure to vote. Politics are local.